Kiwa T.

    No Limits is a great neighborhood gym with quality workout equipment, clean surroundings, fresh air, and great trainers. The owners are personable, have wonderful positive energy, and take your fitness goals to heart.

    I train with Hilda and she’s guiding me on my journey to lose weight, focus on proper nutrition, and exercise with proper technique.  Each month my weight and body measurements are tracked (both less by the way).  As a nutritionist, Hilda has created a manageable meal plan that fits my current lifestyle and set simple rules about eating I previously overlooked.  By planning ahead my new diet is simple, tasty, and energizing. I’m constantly amazed with exercises she has me doing and the fact that I’m doing them.  Hilda has me utilizing all areas of the gym and the sessions are far from boring.  She carefully explains/shares each new exercise, body portions it’s targeting, and corrects my form.  I really like the customized workouts that CHALLENGE me physically and mentally.