Every Bite Counts

Every Bite Counts

Every bite counts when you’re trying to lose weight. You need to be aware of each bite and savor the flavor. It’s conscious eating or mindful eating. You eat for a variety of reasons and identifying those reasons is important. If you’re hungry, you eat to fill that need. Sometimes, however, you eat to calm your nerves, fill in time or cure a sugar craving that came from the low you’re experiencing from the sugary treat you ate a few hours ago. Becoming more aware of why you eat can help you eat less.

If you’re a snacker, keep snacks that are healthy on hand.

Some people like to eat frequently, but often don’t eat much each time. If those snacks are candy bars, donuts or other high calorie treats, however, they can cause you to gain excess weight. They also don’t provide all the nutrients your body needs. If you’re aware of your need to eat frequently, either because of tension or habit, keep healthier low calorie snacks available.

Find the texture of your favorite foods and make a substitution.

Texture does count. Some people want a soft, melt in your mouth feeling, such as comes from mashed potatoes. It provides comfort. Others want a crunch to help fight stress, which is one reason potato chips are so popular…besides the saltiness it offers. You can create the same effect, but with a lower calorie count by identifying the need. If you’re eating to lift your spirits, try exercise instead. Exercise burns off stress and replaces it with hormones that make you feel good. Taking a walk might be the better answer if you eat when you’re depressed. It also can help you eliminate stress and the need for crunchier snacks. You can also find low calorie substitutes for your favorite foods that offer the same feeling.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean dieting.

Diets don’t work. That’s because they always end. Rather than dieting, consider eating healthier. Learn to make small substitutions that save calories, such as brown rice for white rice or Greek yogurt for sour cream. Cook foods differently. Steam rather than fry or bake and broil. Extra fat does not necessarily mean extra flavor. Learn to use herbs and spices for more flavor and every bite will taste delicious.

When you eat healthier, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, just eat them sparingly and less frequently. Make sure you enjoy each bite to the fullest.

Eat slower and savor the food. Often you find you’ll eat less and enjoy it more.

Many times we eat food out of habit and if we realize it, can often switch to healthier foods that may taste even better.

Be mindful of portions. Reduce the size of your plate. It’s a simple optical trick that makes you think you’ve got more food than you really have. Smaller portions can often satisfy your appetite and help you shed extra pounds.

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