Create A Plan

All great accomplishments start with an idea or a dream, but to achieve those ideas and dreams, you have to create a plan of action that will change your dream from a wish to a goal. Creating a plan of action can also help you identify weaknesses that you need to overcome along the way. For instance, if you want to get healthier, but find you lack time for workouts or are on the road a lot during the day, making drive-through your food of choice, creating a plan identifies the problem. You then find a way to overcome the problem, such as packing a healthy lunch or finding a way to squeeze in a workout or two midweek and then on the weekend.

Make sure your goals are realistic.

If you weigh 180 pounds and want to weigh 130 pounds in a month, it’s just not realistic. If your ultimate goal, such as weighing 130 pounds is a stretch, break it down to smaller goals that are achievable in a shorter time frame. For instance, you might plan to lose ten pounds in the next month. That’s a realistic goal that’s achievable, but still tough enough to hold your interest.

Once you identify your goals, you need to figure out how to achieve them.

Working out regularly, eating healthier and getting adequate sleep can be some of the ways to help you achieve your goal of losing ten pounds. These are vague solutions and you need to be more specific. For instance, you might include working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a half hour with a personal trainer or eating only whole foods—unprocessed foods, such as raw veggies and fruit—for snacks. If you aren’t sure how to eat healthier, work with a professional, such as a trainer, to help you get a head start.

Reward yourself for success.

While getting healthier, losing weight or improving your overall fitness might be a reward in itself, you also should give yourself something special when you achieve your goal. Buy a new outfit or go out for an evening of fun. Just don’t make your reward a seven layer chocolate cake because that defeats the purpose. You might allow yourself a sliver of that cake though.

Once you’ve achieved a goal, start creating a second plan for the next step in your journey to fitness. You might include many of the same steps if it’s a second ten pound loss or go for twenty in a two month period.

If you’re having difficulty sticking to the plan you created, find out why. Sometimes not knowing how to start on an exercise routine can be the blocking point. That’s when the help of a personal trainer is extremely helpful.

If you work with a personal trainer, he or she can help you create a plan of action. The trainer will identify your level of fitness and design a program specifically to fit your needs.

You’ll feel more confident once you succeed at achieving the first goal you set and that transfers to other areas of your life.

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