Coupon FAQ

If you still have additional questions please call us at 562.221.7804

How do I redeem my Groupon or Other Coupon I just purchased?

Please go to to register for your assessment. You may pick the time and day that works for you.

Can I begin to taking classes right away?

No. Your assessment must be completed before you can begin classes. Once your assessment has been completed, we will apply credits to your account, and you may begin signing up for classes.

What takes place in the assessment?

Your assessment will include the following:
A. Paper work consisting of a Health Questionnaire, Waiver, and goals sheet.
B. Body Fat, Body Scan and Weight measurements.
C. Answer any questions you may have about our training programs.
D. Tour of our facility

What do I wear to my assessment and how long is it?

Any comfortable clothing. 30 minutes

May I workout on the same day as my assessment?

If your assessment is completed before a class begins than yes. However, each assessment is 30 minutes long, and we will not cut short your assessment, so that you can make it to class. For example, if your assessment is at 5:45 pm and class starts at 6:00 pm, you will not be able to take the class.

May I schedule my assessment at the same time as a friend or family member?


What if I need to cancel my assessment time or date?

Please go back to and reschedule your day and time.

May I bring my kid or kids to the assessment?

Our assessment office is small, and only has seating for 2 additional people, so please keep this in mind.