Bring A Friend

Bring a Friend

If you hate working out, it’s time to change all that and bring a friend. Having a workout partner not only makes you more accountable, it also makes it far more fun. Some people find it can be a satisfying way of spending a girls’, guys’ or couples’ night out, too. Rather than doing another activity, they spend the time working out and then treat themselves to a healthy dinner following the workout.

You can create your own group with a personal trainer to lead you.

All it takes is four people, but you can have up to eight in a group. You get all the benefit of having a personal trainer, but at a far lower price than private sessions would cost. Don’t worry if everyone has a different level of fitness. The trainer assesses each person’s fitness level and then creates individual plans. If you have any special needs, such as a bad back, the trainer also adjusts your program to accommodate that need. That adjust may include a modified form of the exercise or fewer reps.

You’ll laugh, cheer each other on to achievement and sometimes compete.

Small workout groups often have plenty of comradery and even more when the people start out knowing each other. You’ll enjoy the workout more and won’t even notice the time passing when you have friends cheering you on to victory or challenging you to achieve more. Getting into shape means having more energy for fun and what could be more fun than spending time with friends.

You’ll all look fantastic after a few weeks.

One of the worst problems of getting into shape is often jealousy from friends and family or fear that once you look fantastic, they won’t be important to you. That’s often why people sabotage attempts to get into shape. When everyone is working out together, everyone gets fitter and looks better. Rather than sabotage efforts, you often find each person supporting the others in the group.

You can help each other stay on course when you workout together. That’s particularly true if you’re modifying your eating habits. Friends can be a great help when it comes to staying on course with healthy eating and exercising regularly.

You’ll be able to share successes and disappointments with someone who understands exactly what you’re going through.

When you workout with a friend, setting a reward when you achieve your goal can be as simple as shopping together for a new outfit.

Working out with a friend is just more fun and when something is fun, you’re more apt to stick to it.

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