Benefits Of TRX

Benefits Of TRX

You’ll appreciate all the benefits of TRX once you try it. Not only does it help you lose weight and get into shape, it’s also a great deal of fun and extremely challenging. TRX training uses the effects of gravity and your body weight in a grueling workout once only used by Navy Seals. In fact, it was created for Seals to help insure they achieve the highest level of fitness possible. Now this type of training is available for everyone.

TRX training develops all types of fitness at once.

While you’re suspended doing hundreds of different exercises, you’ll be working all parts of your body. It works on strength, as well as balance and flexibility. You’ll also be working on core stability at the same time. This performance training works all parts of the body at once. You’ll develop your functional fitness improving the types of moves you do every day and making them easier and with less potential of injury.

You’ll lose weight faster.

TRX training builds the core muscles. These are the abs and back muscles, large muscle groups. When you work out large muscle groups you’ll burn calories faster than working on smaller muscle groups, such as your biceps. Once you build those core muscles, you burn more calories 24/7, since muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does. You’ll also get full faster when you eat if you have well developed core muscles, since it prevents the stomach from expanding and you’ll feel fuller faster.

TRX training can be sports specific.

No matter what your sport of choice is, TRX training can help you prepare for it. It allows you to adjust the angle you move and the type of movement to exercise the muscle that need to be strong to be a champion in your sport of choice. This type of training is just as good whether you’re training for swimming, soccer, golf, football, basketball or any other sport. You’ll do different types of exercises based on your sport and fitness.

TRX training is tough, but also incredibly fun. It’s like no other training you’ll experience and you’ll want to do it every workout.

If you have problems with your ankle or knee joints that don’t allow jogging, TRX training can give you the same cardio workout without the constant hammering on joints.

You’ll improve your range of motion and decrease the potential for injury when you do TRX training.

TRX training improves the body postural and stabalizing muscles. You’ll develop the posture you were meant to have.

Do You Have A Champion Spirit?

Do You Have A Champion Spirit?

You may have been born with a champion spirit or developed as you progressed in sports. It’s that spirit that will drive you onto greatness. It makes you work harder than others and keeps you moving toward your goal long after others might have given up in discouragement. We will help you with the appropriate exercises to improve your performance, but we promise, they won’t be easy. If you’re like we think you are, you’ll take that challenge and thrive.

Fuel your body with the right foods.

No champion ever made it to the top eating junk food. It’s like trying to fuel a car with water and sugar. It not only doesn’t provide the fuel necessary to build the body, it can ruin it. Eating right doesn’t always require the resolve of a champion, unless you’re addicted to sugary products and unhealthy foods and weight loss is one of your goals, but it does take dedication and education. We can provide the education you need to know what foods are important to your goals. You provide the resolve and dedication to sticking to the program.

Our personal trainers will create a program designed especially for your needs.

Before you start any exercise program a trainer will first assess your level of fitness, including finding any weak muscle groups. He or she will then listen to your goals and find out if you have any special needs. If you’re training for a specific sport, your needs will be different from someone who wants to tone up and lose weight. Programs will also vary based on the type of sport you want to achieve excellence.

You’ll workout smarter and safer.

If you have a weaker large muscle group, it can force a smaller muscle group to do its work. That can spell injury since it was never intended to do that job. By building the larger muscle group, you’ll not only avoid injury, which may have plagued you most of your life, but also improve your skills. Trainers also show you the right way to do each exercise and watch to insure you do it correctly. Doing an exercise correctly can maximize the benefits and prevent injury.

You’ll work harder, but smarter. Your trainer will create a program that will work you to your maximum but still be achievable.

You’ll see results faster because you’ll be working toward maximum. Results can encourage you toward greatness.

You’ll feel fantastic after the workout. If you’ve never felt how great the rush of endorphins can be, you’ll be amazed. Exercise stimulates the body to create these hormones that make you feel good.

You’ll sleep better at night the harder you workout. You’ll be battle ready after a good night’s sleep and healthier too.

Restorative Nutrition Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Well Being

Restorative Nutrition Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Well Being

Restorative Nutrition

If you’ve been plagued by illness, excess weight or just a feeling of malaise, restorative nutrition may be the answer that has eluded you. Everyone is different, so even if you’re eating healthy, but it’s not the diet your body requires, you may not be seeing the results you’ve hoped to achieve. What you eat does make a huge difference in weight loss and overall well being. More and more studies show that nutrition plays a huge role in health. In fact, less than 50 years ago, nobody ever considered that milk could make you sick. Today we know differently. A person who’s lactose intolerant won’t fare well on a diet high in cheese and milk, just as a gluten intolerant person will feel miserable if there’s an abundance of wheat in their diet.

Sometimes eating too little can cause you to gain weight.

You may have been on diets all your life and never lost a pound, but instead, packed a few onto your body. That’s not necessarily your fault or lack of will power. It’s not necessarily all about calories. In fact, decreasing caloric intake over long periods….and sometimes even short periods…can often lead to malnutrition, as well as metabolic stress. That has an impact on how rapidly your body metabolizes calories and can cause you to put on fat rather than lose it.

Sometimes increasing caloric intake, but insuring it’s the right foods and supplements, can repair your metabolism and get great results.

Some people need to eat different types of foods, and sometimes more of it, to see results in weight loss. For those trying to gain muscle mass, a specific type of dietary change can also be a huge benefit, rather than simply taking protein supplementation. Everyone’s different and those differences are why your friend can eat anything without worrying about gaining a few pounds, but the minute you look at a breakfast roll, it starts building it’s own roll around your waist.

One plan doesn’t work for everyone and it might not work forever either.

Your body is a master of change and compensates for diets over the long haul. That’s why switching the way you eat may be just as important as changing the way you exercise periodically. It keeps your body working at maximum potential, so you’ll be burning calories rather than storing them in the form of fat.

While restorative eating helps you with basic plans, it also aids you in learning how to eat healthier. That allows you to take charge of your nutritional program and make changes that can keep you fit the rest of your life.

Some things are true, no matter what body type you have or how you eat. One of these truths is that processed foods are never as healthy for you as whole foods.

Learning to make conscious decisions when it comes to eating is also important. Many people often eat out of habit, putting the food in their mouth without thinking.

You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll eat and how great you’ll feel, but still lose weight on the right type of dietary plan.

Do You Need Help Eating Better?

Do You Need Help Eating Better?

If you watch television or surf the net, you probably notice a lot of conflicting ideas about what a healthy diet really is. It’s even worse if your trying to lose weight. Everyone has some type of miracle diet that’s supposed to take pounds off quickly and many times, these are extremely unhealthy over the long haul. You can’t eat just one type of food. No matter how much of a miracle cabbage soup is, it’s not a balanced healthy diet for a lifetime, and even if it were, what a boring way to live. If you need help eating better, consider using the services of a professional, such as a nutritionist or personal trainer.

Even the food pyramid, the holy grail of dieters, is now proven wrong.

While the food pyramid was a decent source of information to aid in making dietary selections, it’s outdated. Even worse, it’s not printed by the department of health, but by the US Department of Agriculture, so it stresses some products more than others. The fact is, if you live by the food pyramid, you might face the rest of your life heavy. Dr. Walter Willett, well known nutritionist and chairman of Harvard Universities Nutrition Department, has different ideas and is the biggest critic of the food pyramid as it stands. He created the Healthy Eating Pyramid, which includes nut, beans and healthy oils as well as whole grain. The base of his pyramid is daily exercise and weight control.

Doctors get very little training in nutrition and how it benefits the body.

The average school teacher or accountant often has as much training in nutrition as doctors. Most doctors only have about one class on nutrition, which many other college educated people often take as part of the curriculum. That’s why most doctors tell you that you need to exercise more and eat less, but don’t give you any other information. If they do, it’s a diet they printed off the internet or copied from a book. When you use the services of a personal trainer, you’ll get the benefits of increased exercise and a healthy diet.

Are all “healthy foods” really healthy?

You might think that low fat milk is far better than whole milk, but you’d be wrong. Many studies, including one review by Mario Kratz that looked at 25 studies comparing people who consumed whole milk and those opting for low fat dairy, found that those eating whole dairy actually had less weight gain, lower body weight and less incidence of obesity than low-fat dairy consumers. You’ll probably find the same is true for those eating calorie reduced foods. Eating whole foods and eating healthy is the answer to weight problems.

You can learn to cook healthier, which may include reducing the amount of fat—which isn’t a benefit here—or substituting it with healthy fat, such as that from avocado or even butter made from milk from grass fed cows.

Learning to have healthy snacks available is important. Eating often can help keep you full so you don’t clean out the candy counter at the gas, while burning also more calories.

Keep a log of everything you eat for a few weeks. You’ll be amazed at how many times you eat foods out of habit and later don’t even remember eating it.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean suffering with rice cakes each meal. You’ll be amazed at how good whole foods can taste.

Is A Hormonal Imbalance Making You Gain Weight?

Is A Hormonal Imbalance Making You Gain Weight?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALPAAAAJGUzOTgwYmJhLTQwYzAtNDg2My05ZTRlLWZlZjUwNDA0MzA5YgA hormonal imbalance may really be the reason you gain weight. While others may roll their eyes every time someone says they can’t lose weight because of a slow metabolism or a hormonal imbalance, they could be passing judgment too quickly. Your hormones are the catalysts for many functions in your body, from digestion and metabolic processes to sleeping at night. There are some key hormones that can influence weight loss. If they’re out of balance or insufficient, you probably will be battling excess pounds until you correct the problem.

Insulin and cortisol are two key hormones for weight loss.

Insulin helps you move sugar into the cells to provide energy. Too much can cause your body to store fat, using it as a food source. High levels make fat loss almost impossible. Cortisol, a hormone created when you’re under stress, has been associated with abdominal fat. While your body may benefit in dealing with long term stress via cortisol, over the long haul it lowers your immune system, destroys muscle tissue, creates foggy thinking, leaches calcium affecting the density of your bones and may even increase your risk for cancer. Both high insulin levels and high cortisol levels will leave you craving high carbohydrate foods and increase your appetite, making weight loss far more difficult.

Lowering your insulin levels may occur with a diet change.

A high carbohydrate diet of processed foods can encourage the creation of more insulin. More insulin means less weight loss. It also means less energy. Changing your diet to moderate carbohydrate intake can make a huge difference and also help prevent insulin resistance…diabetes, which causes elevated levels of insulin, but reduces the ability of the body’s cells to use it. Too much insulin can lock fat onto your body. Exercise burns off cortisol and helps reduce insulin resistance. A healthy diet that’s lower in carbohydrates also helps.

Hormones can create cravings by tapping into the body’s pleasure center.

Whether you’re craving the next candy bar or want some comfort food to help you through a depressing situation, it may be from lack of serotonin or dopamine. However, certain activities can also increase your levels of these hormones. Activities such as exercise increase dopamine and meditation can increase serotonin levels. That’s often why you feel far less hungry after working out.

Growth hormones help you lose weight but decline as you age. They also work in conjunction with melatonin. If you don’t have enough melatonin, you won’t get the benefits of the growth hormone. Eating walnuts is a good way to increase melatonin.

DHEA is a precursor for sex hormones and can keep you burning fat and looking younger.

Some foods such as avocados, dairy from grass fed cows and coconut oils can help balance hormones. These are good fats.

Some herbs, such as holy basil or ashwagandha—Indian ginseng.

Ready To Train Smarter?

Ready To Train Smarter?

If you’re ready to train smarter you can see dynamic improvement for your efforts. While you need to spend time exercising, sometimes less is more when it comes to results, but that’s only when you use the right type of exercise. There are now conflicting studies on whether endurance exercising that lasts over two hours is good for you, but nobody disputes the fact that inactivity is bad. There are also many studies that show that not all exercising is equal when it comes to weight loss or benefits. Some are simply better than others.

High intensity circuit training can benefit you in a shorter amount of time.

High intensity circuit training is short cycles of movement, normally over thirty seconds. You switch form one type of exercise to another with only a short rest in between the two. Not only does this type of exercising get you out of the gym quicker, you’ll also experience more weight loss, since it burns more calories during and even after exercising. It only makes sense to use this type of exercise, say over a treadmill, when you get more results in a shorter time frame.

Learn to do each exercise correctly to maximize the benefits.

No matter what type of exercising you do, if you do the exercise incorrectly, it probably won’t benefit your body nearly as much. Even worse, it can lead to injury. That’s why many people use the services of a personal trainer who not only shows them how to do each exercise, but then watches them to insure they do it correctly.

Use exercising techniques that give you multiple types of exercising.

At one time, everyone exercised different parts of their body on different days and then did endurance or cardio training on the off days. Today, if you train right, you can get a good cardio workout while you’re also developing more flexibility, strength and balance. TRX suspension training, for instance, does all that at once. It works on building core strength, while also increasing muscle endurance and building core muscles. You can combine it with other types of training, such as spinning for a super overall effect.

Exercising should be fun. Sure, it can be tough and rugged, but it should be fun. Not only will you do it more often, you’ll be more dedicated and tend to put more heart into your exercise time.

Smarter workouts vary the type of exercises you do so you build all muscle groups.

When you workout smarter, you increase the intensity of the exercise as your fitness level improves.

Working out smarter can mean you’ll get your exercising done quicker, which is great for busy people. They can work exercising into their schedule easier.