Fitness That Fits Your Personality

Fitness That Fits Your Personality

%image_alt%When you want to achieve a goal, you need to strive to find the best plan to achieve it. You need fitness that fits your personality, whether you’re working out in the gym, using the services of a personal trainer or working alone at home. If you are a dynamic personality, a wimpy workout simply won’t do. You need a challenging, interesting one that will make you work hard to achieve the results and conquer the workout.

A wide variety of workout options are available.

While many people workout at a gym and at home by themselves, having all the options to a dynamic workout aren’t always available. No matter where you go or how you workout, check out all the options and find several that fit your style. Some busy people love the quick results they see from kettlebells that cut the workout time dramatically and get fast results. Others find the solitude of running is perfect for their personality. Whether you love to work with weights, machines or simply love body weight exercises, make sure you have all the options available where you workout.

Learn to eat healthier on your road to fitness.

Getting fit isn’t all about working out, it also requires plenty of sleep, a good mental attitude and a healthy diet. If you don’t know how to eat healthier, you’ll benefit from tips you’ll gain from a personal trainer. Trainers don’t give you a diet, but show you how to make wiser food selections. That means you’ll be able to eat healthier at home and in restaurants once you learn how to make the right choices.

Your body and mind should work together to create a dynamic you.

You may have a dynamic personality with lots of hustle and plenty of ideas on how to accomplish your goals, but lack the energy for the follow through. When your body and mind work together, it won’t be a problem. Developing your body to match your personality takes some time, but before you know it you’ll build your energy level while also losing weight and building muscle tissue.

Society judges people by the way they look. It’s unfortunate but true. When you build your body to reflect your personality, you’ll find people pay more attention to what you have to say.

As you start to build your body, you’ll notice your self-image begins to change. The more you workout and the fitter you become, the higher your self-esteem will rise.

Working out for competition, such as the Spartan competition or figure and bikini competition, gives you a goal to strive for that is big and drives you harder.

Sometimes you need to correct problems that create pain and threaten to cause you to stop training. Alternative treatments, such as massage, Oriental medicine, chiropractic medicine and other natural treatments can help you get back to working on your goals.

Do You Have The Spirit Of A Champion?

Do You Have The Spirit Of A Champion?

%image_alt%Sticking to any workout regimen and healthy diet can be tough, but not if you have the heart and soul that makes you want to be successful. You have to have the spirit of a champion to achieve your maximum potential and stay with a program until you succeed. Everyone starts from a different level of fitness, so the person that’s out of shape will struggle just as hard to build some muscle and lose weight as the one who is fit, hoping to be among the elite group of athletes.

It takes the right type of exercise and a healthy diet to insure you reach your goals.

No matter what your fitness goal, you need to insure you’re doing the appropriate amount and type of exercises. That’s where personal trainers are often a huge benefit. A trainer first assesses your fitness, including identifying weaker muscle groups, listens to your goals and learns of any special needs. Only then does the trainer design a program that will help you achieve the biggest strides toward your goals in the least amount of time.

Keeping your body fueled with high octane fuel is also important.

What you eat makes a huge difference in how fast you’ll achieve your goal. Foods that are highly processed are definitely not on that list, yet they’re everywhere you look, tempting you to buy them. The closer you get to eating whole foods, the more nutrients you’ll reap from the foods. Raw vegetables and fruit are often far better for you and contain more nutrients than cooked or processed ones. One exception is the lycopene in tomatoes, which increases and made more easily absorbed when heated.

Quitting is not an option when you have the heart of a warrior and spirit of a champion.

You don’t have to look like a warrior or champion, you just have to have the mental toughness to reach your goal. Once you set your mind on achieving the prize of a healthier lifestyle and healthier body, you need to be able to hang on to it like a pit bull, even when its far more difficult than you ever thought possible. You don’t have to be born with mental toughness, you can develop it, but part of that development means sticking to a difficult program. Step by step, you’ll see yourself accomplishing more when you simply keep on going for one more set, one more minute or one more second beyond where you wanted to quit.

Fitness is more than just a physical state, it’s an emotional state too. Dedication is important in a world filled with ways to avoid exercise and eat unhealthy foods.

If you are training for a big event, a trainer can help you with the most beneficial exercises and motivation to keep going.

You’re never too old or out of shape to begin working out. Exercise and healthy eating can start anytime and be beneficial.

You’ll benefit in all aspects of life by developing a “can-do” attitude toward fitness. The spirit of a champion translates to every facet of living from work to personal life.

Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle course training is often called military training and it’s made for those who want to test themselves to the max. While it’s tough, it also prepares you for anything life has to throw at you. It involves, running, dodging, swimming and climbing to basically build your functional fitness. That’s fitness you’ll use for everyday life and all types of sports. It can help you build the agility to prevent injury no matter what you’re doing.

It combines all types of workouts.

Whether you’re looking for excellent cardiovascular training, want strength training or need to build your flexibility, obstacle course training will do it. It combines all elements of exercise. You’ll burn fat while you also build your endurance and strength. You’ll also improve your balance and coordination when you practice an obstacle course workout.

You can use it to train for other sports.

If you manage to complete a mud run quickly, just imagine how fast you’ll go in your next race. You’ll build all the endurance you need to play your hardest on full court basketball and learn to literally dance across the field despite the other teams efforts to bring you down. It works every muscle in your body and prepares you for almost every type of sport. Whether you want to build balance, endurance, strength or flexibility, you’ll benefit from obstacle course training.

You’ll build mental toughness when you do obstacle course training.

Finishing the race can be grueling, but it does build mental toughness. Mental toughness is the ability to continue on long after others might have quit. Mental toughness sometimes is the only difference between winning and losing when you’re in competition. Focus and the desire to keep going often makes the difference between a winning season or game and a losing one. Even if you don’t play sports, mental toughness helps you in every aspect of your life.

Since obstacle training is done outside, you’ll also be getting a great dose of vitamin D from the sun. Combine that with the rigorous training and it helps build bone mass.

The terrain may be rocky, but that’s not a problem. You’ll be building your sense of balance when you run the obstacle course.

This types of training is definitely fun. It’s not like any other type of training and never boring. You’ll look forward to going each session.

This type of training is great after a rough week. It burns off the hormones created by stress and leaves you feeling fantastic.

Are You A Spartan?

Are You A Spartan?

A Spartan was known for his bravery and fitness. Spartans were tested from the time they were a baby and trained to be a fighting machine. They lived in conditions that lacked comfort or luxury. The soldiers were trained to never give up a battle and fight to the death regardless of the conditions. You can understand why a rigorous race is named after these tough military men. You have to be fit to be a Spartan. Just finishing the race isn’t for the weak at heart.

There are miles of bad conditions and obstacles to face.

Each race is different, with some being far more challenging than others. Whether you enter a two and a half mile race or venture toward the ultimate race of over twenty-six miles, you’ll be facing some of the most rigorous obstacles, besides enduring the long difficult race. Just finishing is a feat so everyone who finishes gets a medal of achievement.

You’ll be expected to swim, run, leap and carry heavy objects.

There’s so much to each of these races, from spear throwing and wall climbing to carrying a heavy object, such as a sandbag or bucket of rocks, a distance. You may have to hoist a bag of wet sand, crawl under barbed wire or slide through the mud. Hopping through tires will tire you out, but at the end, you’ll have an ultimate challenge. It could be leaping over flames, so you want to be in the best shape possible to have the energy to do it.

Your body will be prepared for anything life has to offer when you’re in Spartan shape.

All of the exercises in the Spartan race develop functional fitness. That helps you in everyday life, sports and on the job. You’ll build endurance, strength and flexibility as well as balance when you train and compete in Spartan races. It’s the ultimate way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. It takes more than just muscles. It takes muscles, endurance and guts to participate.

There are Spartan races for teams, which can be a great way to build a cohesive team spirit while getting athletes in shape.

You’ll build mental toughness during training that will help you make it to the end of the race. In many cases, it’s not all about winning but challenging yourself to make it to the finish line.

Spartan race training is the ultimate obstacle course training for those who want more than just to be fit. It isn’t meant for everyone. If you want to challenge yourself to the maximum, it might be meant for you.

You don’t have to be talented in any particular area to compete in a Spartan race. It isn’t about how fast you can run, how much you can lift or how far you can jump, but more about how long you can last and your ability to continue.

How To Be Your Best Self

How To Be Your Best Self

Your Best Self

When you live a healthier lifestyle, you can become your best self. Becoming fitter doesn’t mean you’ll change your personality overnight and suddenly become a celebrity. It does mean you’ll develop more confidence, look fantastic and feel better. That can make you a more pleasant person who actually enjoys social interaction.

Accomplishing fitness goals can help you accomplish other goals in life.

You’ll be amazed at how achieving a fitness goal can change your life. Just like achieving any other difficult goal, it builds self confidence and makes you feel like you can tackle the next hurdle in life. Some people say that working out regularly builds mental toughness. That’s the ability to continue beyond the point where others might have quit. That’s an excellent trait for anyone to develop.

You’ll burn off the gut-wrenching hormones created by stress and replace them with ones that make you feel good.

Exercise is one of the greatest stress busters around. It burns off the hormones that create bodily changes for the fight or flight syndrome. One of those changes is slowing the blood flow to the stomach and sending it to the legs, preparing them for flight. That causes that achy feeling in the pit of your stomach. When you exercise, your body burns off those hormones, as it would if you ran or fought. It replaces the stress hormones with ones that make you feel fantastic. You’ll be in far better spirits after exercising.

You’ll lose weight and look great.

Nothing is more rewarding than looking great and knowing your hard work paid off in big dividends. Looks aren’t everything and they certainly aren’t all to any person, but looking your best does make you feel good and confident. Losing weight and becoming fitter also helps you prevent serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even osteoporosis.

Your spouse will be pleased at the improvement of your libido. Exercise boosts your sex drive and can complement any relationship.

You’ll have energy to keep up with the kids and help make memories. Some of the greatest memories will come from those times that mom or dad played ball, hiked or did other activities with them.

You’ll be more productive at work. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can boost your brain power and keep you alert through the entire day. You’ll get more done in less time.

If you have a serious condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you control it and may even lead you to reducing medication.

Every Bite Counts

Every Bite Counts

Every Bite Counts

Every bite counts when you’re trying to lose weight. You need to be aware of each bite and savor the flavor. It’s conscious eating or mindful eating. You eat for a variety of reasons and identifying those reasons is important. If you’re hungry, you eat to fill that need. Sometimes, however, you eat to calm your nerves, fill in time or cure a sugar craving that came from the low you’re experiencing from the sugary treat you ate a few hours ago. Becoming more aware of why you eat can help you eat less.

If you’re a snacker, keep snacks that are healthy on hand.

Some people like to eat frequently, but often don’t eat much each time. If those snacks are candy bars, donuts or other high calorie treats, however, they can cause you to gain excess weight. They also don’t provide all the nutrients your body needs. If you’re aware of your need to eat frequently, either because of tension or habit, keep healthier low calorie snacks available.

Find the texture of your favorite foods and make a substitution.

Texture does count. Some people want a soft, melt in your mouth feeling, such as comes from mashed potatoes. It provides comfort. Others want a crunch to help fight stress, which is one reason potato chips are so popular…besides the saltiness it offers. You can create the same effect, but with a lower calorie count by identifying the need. If you’re eating to lift your spirits, try exercise instead. Exercise burns off stress and replaces it with hormones that make you feel good. Taking a walk might be the better answer if you eat when you’re depressed. It also can help you eliminate stress and the need for crunchier snacks. You can also find low calorie substitutes for your favorite foods that offer the same feeling.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean dieting.

Diets don’t work. That’s because they always end. Rather than dieting, consider eating healthier. Learn to make small substitutions that save calories, such as brown rice for white rice or Greek yogurt for sour cream. Cook foods differently. Steam rather than fry or bake and broil. Extra fat does not necessarily mean extra flavor. Learn to use herbs and spices for more flavor and every bite will taste delicious.

When you eat healthier, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, just eat them sparingly and less frequently. Make sure you enjoy each bite to the fullest.

Eat slower and savor the food. Often you find you’ll eat less and enjoy it more.

Many times we eat food out of habit and if we realize it, can often switch to healthier foods that may taste even better.

Be mindful of portions. Reduce the size of your plate. It’s a simple optical trick that makes you think you’ve got more food than you really have. Smaller portions can often satisfy your appetite and help you shed extra pounds.

Create A Plan

Create A Plan

All great accomplishments start with an idea or a dream, but to achieve those ideas and dreams, you have to create a plan of action that will change your dream from a wish to a goal. Creating a plan of action can also help you identify weaknesses that you need to overcome along the way. For instance, if you want to get healthier, but find you lack time for workouts or are on the road a lot during the day, making drive-through your food of choice, creating a plan identifies the problem. You then find a way to overcome the problem, such as packing a healthy lunch or finding a way to squeeze in a workout or two midweek and then on the weekend.

Make sure your goals are realistic.

If you weigh 180 pounds and want to weigh 130 pounds in a month, it’s just not realistic. If your ultimate goal, such as weighing 130 pounds is a stretch, break it down to smaller goals that are achievable in a shorter time frame. For instance, you might plan to lose ten pounds in the next month. That’s a realistic goal that’s achievable, but still tough enough to hold your interest.

Once you identify your goals, you need to figure out how to achieve them.

Working out regularly, eating healthier and getting adequate sleep can be some of the ways to help you achieve your goal of losing ten pounds. These are vague solutions and you need to be more specific. For instance, you might include working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a half hour with a personal trainer or eating only whole foods—unprocessed foods, such as raw veggies and fruit—for snacks. If you aren’t sure how to eat healthier, work with a professional, such as a trainer, to help you get a head start.

Reward yourself for success.

While getting healthier, losing weight or improving your overall fitness might be a reward in itself, you also should give yourself something special when you achieve your goal. Buy a new outfit or go out for an evening of fun. Just don’t make your reward a seven layer chocolate cake because that defeats the purpose. You might allow yourself a sliver of that cake though.

Once you’ve achieved a goal, start creating a second plan for the next step in your journey to fitness. You might include many of the same steps if it’s a second ten pound loss or go for twenty in a two month period.

If you’re having difficulty sticking to the plan you created, find out why. Sometimes not knowing how to start on an exercise routine can be the blocking point. That’s when the help of a personal trainer is extremely helpful.

If you work with a personal trainer, he or she can help you create a plan of action. The trainer will identify your level of fitness and design a program specifically to fit your needs.

You’ll feel more confident once you succeed at achieving the first goal you set and that transfers to other areas of your life.

Bring A Friend

Bring A Friend

Bring a Friend

If you hate working out, it’s time to change all that and bring a friend. Having a workout partner not only makes you more accountable, it also makes it far more fun. Some people find it can be a satisfying way of spending a girls’, guys’ or couples’ night out, too. Rather than doing another activity, they spend the time working out and then treat themselves to a healthy dinner following the workout.

You can create your own group with a personal trainer to lead you.

All it takes is four people, but you can have up to eight in a group. You get all the benefit of having a personal trainer, but at a far lower price than private sessions would cost. Don’t worry if everyone has a different level of fitness. The trainer assesses each person’s fitness level and then creates individual plans. If you have any special needs, such as a bad back, the trainer also adjusts your program to accommodate that need. That adjust may include a modified form of the exercise or fewer reps.

You’ll laugh, cheer each other on to achievement and sometimes compete.

Small workout groups often have plenty of comradery and even more when the people start out knowing each other. You’ll enjoy the workout more and won’t even notice the time passing when you have friends cheering you on to victory or challenging you to achieve more. Getting into shape means having more energy for fun and what could be more fun than spending time with friends.

You’ll all look fantastic after a few weeks.

One of the worst problems of getting into shape is often jealousy from friends and family or fear that once you look fantastic, they won’t be important to you. That’s often why people sabotage attempts to get into shape. When everyone is working out together, everyone gets fitter and looks better. Rather than sabotage efforts, you often find each person supporting the others in the group.

You can help each other stay on course when you workout together. That’s particularly true if you’re modifying your eating habits. Friends can be a great help when it comes to staying on course with healthy eating and exercising regularly.

You’ll be able to share successes and disappointments with someone who understands exactly what you’re going through.

When you workout with a friend, setting a reward when you achieve your goal can be as simple as shopping together for a new outfit.

Working out with a friend is just more fun and when something is fun, you’re more apt to stick to it.

Practice Moderation

Practice Moderation


When you practice moderation at the dinner table, you’ll find you get all you want and still maintain a healthy weight. Dieting doesn’t work. Practicing moderation does. When you diet, you only eat specific foods and say farewell to some of your favorites or your comfort foods. Practicing moderation is different. It’s a matter of eating healthy almost all of the time, but still allowing for a few bites of your favorites or one indulgent meal occasionally.

Eating in moderation doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or guilty.

That order order of mashed potatoes and gravy may not be “diet-friendly,” but could be a comfort food that will help you make it through a breakup or job loss. If you’re dieting, it might these types of comfort foods could spell disaster, unless you cut back on the portions and only a fraction of what you otherwise might put on your plate. You can eat it without feeling guilty and still have the comfort it brings to you. When these disasters occur, don’t forget to go to the gym and workout. A brisk workout can also lift your spirits and burn calories in the process.

Working out in moderation.

Working out in moderation has nothing to do with pushing yourself as hard as possible. It has more to do with making sure your body has a day of rest to heal between workouts. You don’t have to spend every waking hour in the gym to get results. In fact, sometimes it can be counterproductive. Working with a personal trainer will help you identify the sweet spot where you get the maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time.

Get rest, but do it in moderation.

People jump at the chance to improve their health when it doesn’t require extra effort. That’s why some people go overboard when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Seven to eight hours sleep each night is important, any less than that can contribute to poor health and low energy levels. However, just like food, drink and exercise, enough is enough when it comes to sleep. If you’re getting more than 9 hours of sleep each night and you’re over the age of 12, get a physical first to see if there’s something physically wrong. You could also be suffering from depression and a program of regular exercise can help lift it.

Rather than stuffing yourself at a meal, consider being more moderate and divide your portions to two smaller meals. You can use the second meal as a snack and not have the bloated feeling you get from eating all the food at once.

When boosting your workout to the next level, make sure you’re using the proper form. Working with a personal trainer can help. If you’re not ready to move up, often it shows by causing you to make adjustments in form that can cause injury.

Dieting in moderation is also important. If you cut back on calorie intake, make certain it’s not to restrictive. Too few calories can put your body into starvation mode, where it lowers the metabolism to save calories, making weight loss even harder.

Include other activities in your life besides work and working out in the gym. Don’t neglect family and friends and maintain a well balanced life for maximum happiness.

Holiday De-Stress

Holiday De-Stress

Are you finding a need to holiday de-stress? The holidays are filled with stress, regardless of whether you love them or hate them. For those who adore the holidays, even though you love all the glitz and tinsel of the season, it can be quite stressing getting everything done on time and to your specifications, especially if you throw a large extravaganza over the holiday period. If you hate the holidays, it’s often because of all the stress. Everyone can benefit from these simple stress reduction ideas.

Take time to exercise.

Nothing is as good a stress buster as regular exercise. Not only does exercise burn off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol—which is also associated with belly fat. It also stimulates circulation sending nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body, clearing your head and making you more alert. Regular exercise also does one more thing for your body. It sends signals to the brain to start making and sending hormones that improve your sense of enjoyment, comfort and sense of well being. Theses hormones are dopamine and endorphins

Eat healthier.

Believe it or not, you are what you eat. Or at least your personality reflects your eating habits. Food has a dramatic effect on your life. If you’re like most people, when you’re under pressure and need a boost, you grab a sugary treat for the energy. That can make your energy level skyrocket….at least for a while. It then goes south and by south, I mean the deep south. Sometimes, it just puts you in a sour or tired mood, other times you have a sugar low that borders on crisis, making your feel light-headed, emotional or forgetful. When you eat healthy, you plan for the need for snacks and have a more appropriate snack that will fill you up, boost your energy but won’t drop you like a rock a few hours later.

Take time to breathe.

Deep breathing and quiet meditation can help lower your stress levels and get your mind back into focus. Taking a few private minutes to breathe deeply and focus on your breath, rather than all the tasks you have ahead of you, can lower your anxiety level and stress. Try it at least once a day during the holiday period. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll see results when you need it the most.

Change your mind. You can decide whether something will stress you or not. If you look at a situation and can do something about it to make it better, do it! If you can’t do anything, accept it and move on.

Delegate responsibility. If you’re the holiday king or queen and throw party after party for the holidays, it’s time to let others help with the fun. You probably had many people say, “Let me know if I can help.” Whether they meant it or not, it’s time to take them up on the offer.

Take a walk, run or just go up and down the stairs. When the stress seems overwhelming, you can burn off some of that excess anxiety by getting moving. You don’t have to be at a gym or in an exercise outfit. You can take the stairs and go up and down until you feel better. It really works. If you don’t have stairs, close the door and walk rapidly through the room until you’re tired.

Smile and sing at the top of your lungs. Are you home alone and frustrated. Belt out “Jingle Bells” at the top of your lungs. It may scare the cat but will make you feel great. Smiling more can help you smile more. Fake it, until you can make it.